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Originally Posted by chuckthis View Post
Off the top of my head a couple other things that might need to change:

In some cases, all the glass. DOT and TUV requirements are different.
Rear fog-light and headlight-switch.
Amber turn signals
Speedo, the smaller KPH readout on the US-models aren't as accurate as the Euro-model.

Not sure what applies to the 1er, but things to enquire about.
Rick you should talk to Thorsten at the Welt on Sunday. He has converted and coded MANY US spec cars to EU specs. He had brought in some US pec cars as "imports" for his customers.

I think the only thing you will really need is the euro headlight switch for rear fogs and the instrument speedo(kombi). Your orange corners can be coded out and all the rest that is needed to meet TÜV. Like you said... the hardest part is to pay the tax bill that your local ZollAmt will give the new buyer. But for you Rick, you only will need to go to US customs, the German buyer can do all the paperwork with German customs(Zoll) and TÜV.