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Originally Posted by Mr Kleen View Post
I just finished the install, took less than an hour. As others have said, I found the bolt hole a little higher than the 1 5/8" in the original post. I also used the actual plastic trim piece instead of a paper template to mark the cut-out, and I removed the two plastic rivets so I could peel back the trunk liner and not cut the plastic tabs. It was a little tedious trimming the hole till the plastic trim piece fit but it fits snug and looks good.

My German neighbor walked through the garage while I was in the trunk and gave me a funny look. I told him not to worry, I was just drilling holes in a my new car.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this DIY.

I love it when my German neighbor catch me working on my car and they shoot you one of those "looks"!

Most Germans would just take it to the Meister and not mess around with their cars. I can't understand why they don't like to work on their own cars! lol