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Originally Posted by EINSER M View Post
i fly in tomorrow @ 1300 check in the hotel if i can and hit the show
got plans for Thursday night that are not SEMA related but if by some miracle I get in the top 5 of the Gran Turismo award i'll be attending their best of show party Friday night
ah the dream!
"Each year, the Gran Turismo Awards offer SEMA show exhibitors the opportunity to join the ranks of the famed Gran Turismo racing fleet, awarding one car the honor of being added to the Gran Turismo franchise as a playable car in the game and driven virtually by millions across the globe."

Einser M deserves to win. Then when people notice him when passing by, they can say: "Look over there, that guy tuned his 1M completely like the new cool one in Gran Turismo". Alike people mistakenly saying: "Hear, Leonard Cohen covering the «Hallelujah» song of the late Jeff Buckley": it's the other way around.

Removal of the RBR stickers is a plus to improve chances to win, because it would be a pain for the Gran Turismo franchise to get the rights cleared. As a matter of fact, Red Bull and RBR could claim money for the use of their intellectual property rights (logo and trademark) in a Gran Turismo game. Alike the music industry: using samples from another record = in principle, royalties due to the owner of the intellectual property rights of the sampled record (read: the record company). The "hey, it's publicity for you" excuse won't work. If you manage to go home with the prom queen, your sponsors will be all smiles too. On the other hand, I guess Citroėn (PSA group - currently troubled by the economic crisis) would feel honored, but they again, they are in principle entitled to a fee for the use of their logo.
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