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Ordered my 128i Vert/First BMW!

I think I read every page on the forums before I ordered my 128i! I'm trading in my 2010 Mustang V6 Premium... I wanted a convertible since I'm about to hit my midlife crisis age (40), and well, I couldn't justify the cost of the Mustang vert.

My car is a mismatch of packages and options..

Ordered a:

- Jet Black w/standard black top
- Automatic... yeah I know.. I shoulda done the manual. I've jacked up my knee enough and it just sucks when I'm in traffic driving a manual for while.
- Coral Red interior
- Premium Pack
- Tech pack
- Sport seats
- Heated seats
- Sport steering wheel
- Anti-theft/Alarm

The red interior is going to be the shocker for me. Every car I've had has been black with a black interior. I saw the red on a 3 series, and thought it looked good and the wife wasn't feeling the black interior.