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Originally Posted by Shroom View Post
Just an update that might be interesting to those getting the part number for the correct 1M oil part # 83 21 2 365 946 in a dealer service.

I just got back from getting my oil changed at the dealer and noticed the oil part number was 83-21-2-405-085 BMW GROUP LL-01 5W-30:832511 which is different than the above.
When I enquired as to the incorrect part number as compared to the above, the advisor checked with the service and they said that my part number is the same oil as 83-21-2-365-946 but it's from a barrel and thus has a different number. that is the litre bottle part number. Can anyone verify?
Oil from a dealer is sometimes bought in bulk. Most dealers make up their own part numbers for the oil - so they can bill out the oil on the repair order.

As long as they used the correct oil... you are good. Don't worry over the exact part number - when it comes to oil(or gear or trans oils).