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This is normal behaviour. No different when using the headphones with the middle answer/end call button. When you press once it plays the last audio source.

Frustrating that a default cannot be set.

Originally Posted by bung206 View Post
Sorry to bring up this "old" thread, but I have an irritating issue with my iPhone. I had this issue in my old Car's Sony head unit which interfaced with my iPhone via USB cable and now I have it in my 2011 E82 135i MSPORT with CIC/iDrive/Bluetooth streaming.

I'd like to start off by saying that bluetooth streaming works just fine, I get the song name, album name and artist name in my split display and I can go seek track back and track forward. I can also make & receive calls.

The problem is as follows:

1. I get out of the car
2. I'm bored at work so I watch something -- e.g. a MP4/Youtube/Vimeo video
3. When I get back in the car, phone auto-pairs music DOES NOT resume, because the video is active in the player.

It's almost as if the car is trying to resume my MP4 video / youtube video or whatever. It does NOT automatically resume the last playing music.

If I slide up on my iPhone, I see that the youtube video or the MP4 video is what's active in "the player".

What I expect should happen is regardless of what the last played item was (be it youtube or a mp4 video), music playback should resume from the last played soundtrack. But what happens is it just resumes the last played media regardless of if it was a youtube video, some MP4 or what have you - which obviously the car can't interpret because it's expecting audio only.

Here are some screenshots:
In this state, when I get into my car, it'll be all good:

In this state, when I get into my work it WONT stream. I have to manually open music app and play some music.

If anyone can provide insight on this it'd be fantastic. I don't think this is a BMW issue.

I do recall this working properly BEFORE 7. iOS 6 and down used to work great but 7 and up just don't.