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Originally Posted by WhatsADSM View Post
Wow that is toasty!

Its weird but I have the opposite problem as you. Hot oil temps but reasonable coolant temps. As bNks334 said, I would be curious to see modifying the water pump duty cycle in the tune would have any effect? In theory it shouldn't make any real difference because the DME should have been commanding 100% long back in your situation, but still it would be nice to test it out and see. It can't hurt.

Out of curiosity...
Have you ever replaced the water pump before? They are known to die in weird ways.
Also what concentration of water/coolant do you use?
Any big intercooler aftermarket intercooler blocking flow?
As stated earlier, the DME only commands 100% water pump duty cycle at WOT or 108f... You usually spend most time at partial throttle and the ambient threshold is pretty much never going to be achieved.