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Originally Posted by bNks334 View Post
Seems like a bigger difference then that. I spent almost all of the latest log at around 255f oil whereas on the older log I am over 260f by the 1st lap. Coolant is also almost 10f+ delta difference across the entire session.

I have a duct that dumps air onto my turbo/exhaust manifold now. I also wrapped all my piping in heat tape. Seems to have dropped IAT's a few degrees, but it was hard to quantify.

Also to note is that I had PPK flashed as a base tune, which means those were not the "stock" cooling tables in the first log. PPK tune most certainly revised the cooling over stock, but not nearly as aggressively as MHD settings.
I can fully agree that running the water pump full bore the second you enter the track can certainly add a lap or so to a session, no doubt.

However the really important data occurs when you start to reach a thermal equilibrium. That tells you the truth about the cars ability to shed heat and stave off limp modes. I don't have a water pump issue but I know in my case my goal with oil temps is not just get 7 laps instead of 6, but rather ensure that I can run a full session.

Trust me I really had zero idea what the data would say before I compiled it. I simply open your logs found the begin/end timestamps where you got near thermal stabilization and trimmed them. Then I just ran the min, max, avg, median, std dev.

Here is the xls.

I do wonder what the PPK runs for cooling tables. It seems that MHD only exports the regular bin.... or at least I haven't seen a copy of PPK I dont think. It would be easy to open it up and look if someone has a copy.