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Lightbulb Misfire and preventive maintenance repairs

Hi All,

Newbie here, with an Alpine White 2011 1M, with 23,500 kilometers (14,600 miles). No major mods, only midpipe delete and iDrive retrofit.

Lately, i have been experiencing slight misfire during idle, and sometimes engine knock at 3,500 rpm. I always use 93-95 Octane fuel and have tried eliminating the cause of misfire and engine knock by using Redline Fuel System Cleaner twice (two full tank fill ups) which only cured the issue for a while.

The car is mainly city driven and rarely driven hard for a long period of time (track driving). Maintenance intervals are done on time if not sooner.

Diagnostics from the dealership showed no fault codes, however they did see slight misfire in cylinder 5 from the adaptation values. However, they did not advice on changing parts unless there is a fault.

After reading through the list of common problems with 1M, i'm thinking of changing the knock sensor since it is a common issue as well as carbon cleaning as preventive maintenance and hopefully eliminating the misfire.

Before i start changing unnecessary parts, maybe other members can chime in provide advice.. Appreciate the help guys, many thanks!