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Originally Posted by Esteban View Post
Originally Posted by BAN_M2 View Post
Thanks Esteban! Knew you would get it!

White box had a new gasket seal for the portion where the muffler meets the resonator delete.

That part was transferred from the OEM to the PE and to the new PE now.
I ask because I didn't transfer that rubber part to my PE and I've been without it and wondering if it makes that much of a difference? Also wondering why it didn't come with the PE, but has a place for it? I guess they expect a person to do what you did and remove it from the OE exhaust and put it on the new PE but I screwed up!!

Maybe I'm gonna have to buy the vibration absorber.

Does the new PE (with Y-Pipe) sound any different to you from your previous PE, btw?
Not sure if that part makes a difference. Not sure why it doesn't bring it. Maybe they expect the transfer to happen.

Sound wise it is much louder! It now has the grunt I wanted but also the turbo can be heard spooling 2 car lengths behind!

Love it!
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