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Originally Posted by SamelCamel View Post
Quick couple of questions...

I was looking at these slotted and drilled rotors and noticed that they only have one part number for the fronts and one for the rears. Isn't there usually a left and right since they're directional?

Also, I was interested in the StopTech slotted and drilled rotors, but it looks like you can only get the slotted ones that already come cryo treated? Anyone have any idea why or if someone makes a slotted/drilled rotor that is cryo treated as well?

The stock 135i or performance rotors are NOT directional, so they can go on either side hence only one part number for the aftermarket replacements.

Look carefully at the stoptech catalog - their descriptions are crap, you may want to reach out to find out if they make a non-cryo slotted+drilled. They seem to imply they do here (you need to make your car selections first)