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RTD Shifter Vibrations

I recently installed a RTD Shifter into my car and wanted to see if anyone else has experience with a vibration issue I came across after the install.

- Occurs in 3rd gear only
- Occurs during both WOT conditions as well as off throttle.
- No vibration is detectable during partial throttle tip in.
- The higher the RPM's in WOT, the higher the amplitude of the vibration.
- Vibration amplitude is so large that I can audibly hear the vibration and concerned something will break.
- See the shifter lever visibly vibrating!
- Amplitude of vibration also increases with RPM's.

I will attempt to post a video demonstrating the vibrations later.

I want to be clear, this is not a bash on RTD as I think the vibration was present with the stock shifter installed. However, it was less perceivable (small amplitude) due to the fact the stock shifter is isolated with rubber at the front and back. Now the RTD is solid mounted, the transmission path is much more direct.

My thought is the detents in the transmission is worn. Looking for ideas and/or potential solutions.

2019.08.07 Update
If the shifter is in 3rd gear and I push it forward (essentially preloading the shifter), the vibration goes away. As soon as I remove the "preload", the vibration reappears.

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