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I have a collection center for the county "dump" about 8 miles from my house. They have a big tank for you to dump your used oil into and smaller drums for the filter and oil containers. I don't want to make that trip after every oil change so I keep an old 5 gallon paint container - I let the paint thoughly dry so it doesn't get involved - and fill that first then take it to recycle maybe every 18 months. I have taken my old oil to Advance auto parts places in the past and they were fine with it. Just walk into the back of their store and they had a tank too. They probably get a little money for the old oil. They are definitely not paying to get rid of it.

My mother had to buy a different car after Walmart failed to put oil in the engine when she took it there for an oil change. I had a little thread damage to the drain plug from dealer oil changes plus the plastic cover over the drain plug went missing. If you do not have the space to do the work or just don't want to get dirty or don't have somebody to show you how it's your choice. But thinking you are doing your car a favor by not doing it yourself or thinking you are saving time or money are not valid excuses from my point of view. It definitely saves money and I can easily change my oil and recycle it in less time than it takes to drive to my dealer and back for an oil change (they are on the other side of town). The total investment in tools would be recouped the first oil change. It is just a special cap wrench + a ratchet and 17mm socket + a oil drain pan and funnel. I guess you also need a way to get the car in the air a bit, ramps or a jack + stand. But none of the tools are expensive, Harbor Freight has all but the cap wrench and their tools work fine for this.
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