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Area 74O2 SIM on N54 install question

Currently running the adjustable BMS cat sim on my JB4 equipped N54 135i. Usually run with auto clear on. It's inspection time and I have turned off auto clear, whamo check engine light, cleared the code and it's back. Readjusted BMS from 6 o'clock position to 4ish o'clock, still getting CEL around 30-50 miles. Trying to get enough miles on ECU to re-establish history, but when I get close to where I want to be its CEL time.

With that said here is my question, been reading great things about the Area 74 Sim, anyone installed these? I suspect I need two according to the website, so if anyone has a how to, I'd be interested where and how you have it connected. The BMS unit currently resides next to the ECU, and the one unit is all that required AFAIK, unless I missed the fine print somewhere. TIA Fran