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i have couple of friends in the US from UAE and Bahrain with ther GCC spec'd cars. You can ship cars nearly everywhere without major problems.

Can you be more clearer? Are you asking if ther are problems? Change/mods/parts to suit the law there?

Non of these will be a problem, as far as i know, they will let you keep the car there until your student/visitor Visa expires ( in some states ), and some other parts of the country will let u keep the car for 6 months only, then you need to renew the car's visit by shipping it to another country and back, or take it for a drive up to Montreal or down to Mexico and back to the states for another 6 months renewal.

Some states will also be anal about the year model. Do a google search on '' shipping a car to the states '' or something like, then search for the state you wanna ship your car to, and also, some states will not allow you to sell the car there.
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