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Review: AA Tune for my 128i

After much forum browsing and talking to Viral (who was very friendly and answered my questions promptly), I decided to get the AA tune installed @ Bimmersport in Mississauga, ask for Johnny (great guy).


As you all know, the GM auto in the 128i/328i is fairly horrible. There is simply no other way of expressing it. Throttle lag, rough shifts, and constant gear searching are common complaints. Many people including myself have regret not getting a manual. I figured it wasn't the tranny itself but a software issue. I think I was correct.

Observations after the AA tune:

-Shifts in D are smooth as glass (very quiet and not noticeable)
-Shifts in DS are composed and well timed (as opposed to the previous screaming, rubber band feel)
-The car holds gear and rev more intelligently
-No more automatic engine braking when you let off the gas pedal (car downshifts when you brake hard or stop)
-Power delivery and throttle response is VERY linear now (pulls evenly and eagerly across the band) -> This is a huge plus
-Fuel economy improved (by 2-3 mpg overall)
-Have not dyno'ed yet but there graphs on the 3'er forum (you can do a search)

Verdict: A must have tune, especially if you running an aftermarket intake, exhaust, etc. + 93 or higher Octane. HP/Torque gains are even higher if you drive stick. The BMS Powerbox is the best "bang for buck", but this tune is highly recommend those looking for the complete package.

+1 to Active Autowerke and their awesome R&D