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Originally Posted by AM1N View Post
where do you live? Tenafly here, so i know what youre talking about hahah
Wow, I'm sorry I never saw your post. This thread is pretty old and since then I've put the DPs on. I'm in Ringwood/West Milford, but I go everywhere. All around Passaic, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Rockland/Orange counties in NY too.

Originally Posted by rathissolid View Post
I live in Bergen county, no problems, I'm sure you will be ok, and yes you need the dp fix to pass emissions, if you have the jb4 on the emissions tester won't be able to communicate with the ecu and you will fail for it
Thanks for the reply! I've put them on and no cops have really cared. That's what I was worried about the most since in the area where I live is actually pretty rural (ringwood/west milford, as mentioned above) and the cops get bored. My inspection's next summer so I have almost a year to figure out what I'll do (either buy the DP fix or just swap out these Racelands and then upgrade). Thanks again!

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