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Originally Posted by My135 View Post
If I were you, I would pass on the intake mod and used the $aving toward buying a JB3, then Helene panel filter and cat-back exhaust (like CPE); and lastly KW V2 coil over (if you ain't broke yet). Most dealer should have no truble with the above mods except JB3 and which you can removed before any major warranty repair (like turbo failure).
Originally Posted by Lester
Don't be surpised if the BMW Computer can't detect a piggyback unit already. It records any number of engine operating variables, things like fuel consumption, revs, and speed can all be compared to factory - if the averages don't seem to match, then they can assume a piggyback of some kind has been installed.

It's all so complex, you know? I'd just like to boost performance a little bit. As previously stated, I'm not after JB3 type numbers, and I'd really like to continue to have BMWNA pay for my services and repairs.

The Helene panel filters look interesting, and I'm certainly open to the idea of a drop-in, but I like the way a cold-air enhances the sound of the turbos. What I'm afraid of, specifically with the BMS, is heat soak and power loss. I'm looking into power loss on the AFE, but heat soak shouldn't be an issue. I am not, repeat, am NOT modding out this car as much as most of the fiends around here do, which means that there will certainly be no suspension swaps. I'm also not going to spring for the CPE exhaust.

EDIT: Okay, so i read fast, and the general consensus around here among the knowledgeable seems to be that full intake kits are generally wasteful, and that the money is, indeed better spent on a JB3, so it looks like I'll do that.
I feel like such a hypocrite...on one hand, reason tells me that more power is completely unnecessary, but on the other, the sheer fun of 80 more rwtq is exhilarating.