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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
The factory intake can hardly be compared to a straw. A bigger nose won't do you any good when the one you have is already large enough to fill your lungs.

"I have yet to see any proof of gains for any of the aftermarket intakes on stock or near stock vehicles. Once you've got a tune on the car that might change, but I still don't see the factory airbox being much of a restriction."
Why all the pessimism . . . . .

Additionally, in regards to power loss from heat. The slight (and I use that relatively) increase in intake temp is over compensated by the increase in volume. It comes down to how dense the oxygen is. Both colder and more volume increase the density. However, since the turbos heat the air "slightly" (ha) warmer than the original intake temp, it is a moot point since it is the point of the IC to cool the air back down. Thus the air ends up not being that much warmer and is over compensated by the increase in volume.