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Hi m7ammed, I haven't fixed my issue yet, simply not enough time. However, the conclusion I made for myself is that:
1) I should do carbon cleaning before changing injectors, plugs etc. Reason for this is that I changed my plugs first when I started having issues, and the new ones blackened almost immediately. I don't know if this is fine or not (spark plugs replacements often show the used ones as blackened) but in my opinion carbon cleaning first makes sure I'm not layering problems on top of each other.
2) Following the same idea, do not replace all plugs, coils and injectors simultaneously. There is that temptation to "start fresh" but in reality new parts also have a small chance of being faulty and in order to be able to spot this it's best to change the stuff sequentially.
3) My injectors are the 138 index 06 ones (you can check this after removing the top cover, nothing complicated), so they have a good chance of being part of the defect batch. Since the recall isn't valid here though, I am holding off a bit before I spend 720 bucks on injectors, especially considering 1). My injectors are also covered with black gunk on the tips.