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Hey Iron Man,

Good to see you're progressing with your order!

Though Oyster/Black is a bit lighter than Savanna/Black, some Oyster parts of my recently departed 335i were a bit dingy after 3 years. As I noted in an earlier thread, I probably wear a black or brown belt and a tucked in shirt 80% of the time I drive the car, and that left a "shadow" band across the lower part of the driver's seat. The bolsters and armrests also showed some dinge, but I admittedly did little to prevent or correct it along the 3 years and 25,000 miles I had the car.

So am I saying a light interior is too much trouble? I am not! In fact, my new car is all Taupe inside, though I added black sisal Cocomats just to avoid the obvious dirt accumulation on light carpets (which affects neither of your options as they both have black carpets/mats).

As for taste, that's purely subjective, but neither you can't go wrong with either color combo with Alpine White. As a previous poster said, Coral/Black says "sport" while Savanna/Black is a bit more traditional. One consideration would be the trim, especially if you're going M-Sport. IMO, Coral/Black looks best with the Glacier Silver trim, but I'm not as fond of that trim with the Savanna/Black -- the latter looks best with one of the wood options.

It's a tough choice, but you can't go wrong with either. Coral/Black really pops with white, but Savanna/Black is just classic. So, basically, I'm no help!