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Originally Posted by aedeau View Post
(!) This type of symbol with the squiggly line underneath it has appeared on my dash. I called up that BMW 24 roadside service number and the girl I spoke to told me that I may have a flat.

Question is; I've had a look around and don't see any obvious signs of a puncture at all, and I can't really tell if the car is pulling to one side, as the roads in Brisbane are pretty crap, so it's constantly bumpy and pulling anyway.

How can I tell if I have a flat? Will the runflat symbol appear if a tyre is simply underinflated? I was thinking that I could pump up all 4 tyres and see if the symbol disappears, and provided it doesn't come back, this should indicate that the problem was one or more of the tyres just needed to be pumped up, rather than a flat?
Have you checked the tire pressures?
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