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FYI, the TPMS is not fitted to Aussie 1ers. We just get the ABS based system where it measures tyre rotation. Hence I had a slow leak a few months back and got no warning what so ever. I only noticed when it started to rain again in Melb and was wondering why the car was wondering so much over and around tram tracks. Checked the pressures and barely had 60kpa in the right front.... Visually you could barely tell something was wrong. I have no idea how long I drove around with it flat. Hence I let no more than a month pass before replacing all the tyres (luckily they were due anyway).

So check pressures when you get a chance and reset the system. Check pressures 24 hrs later and if it drops head to your nearest tyre place. Oh and unless you want to replace the tyre, don't tell them you have been driving on it flat too long. Otherwise they may not want to repair it.
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