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Originally Posted by int2str View Post
Btw. this bracket does not seem to be available from Sparco anymore. Placed my order with demon-tweeks in the UK. Hope they don't run out

At the risk of loosing a few mm of just gained headroom, maybe this is a good solution for the seat belt buckle:

Still waiting to see what Dirk's solution is though...

Did I mention this is exciting?!

He in2str, I think you'll be able to utilise the Schnell seat belt mounting bracket, the seat belt stalk and pretensioner requires two mounting points, primarily to stop the pretensioner device rotating in the event of an accident.

Get a good fabrication shop to make this up for you if you're not confident of doing it yourself as this really is a safety critical issue, hence we spent a lot of time ensuring the part we fabricated was as strong as (and if I'm honest I suspect stronger) than the original factory part.

Unfortunately I don't have photos of the mount we made up beacausewe did our final instal and it worked perfectly, as it had been a long day and was getting late, we chose not to remove the seat again (we'd taken the seat out of the car and refitted it for test purposes at least ten times during the day ! ! and trust me, it's heavy ! !)