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My Latest Mod - Armrest Delete

I don't really mod my 1M and I recognize that the 1M armrest looks good but it has been one of my least favorite parts of ownership. It creaks and rattles. I had the dealer work on both of my 1M armrests under warranty. Each time, they only solved it temporarily. Eventually they replaced the armrest and I sold it, so I just assumed it was fixed for good.

3 years ago when I got this 1M, the armrest began to rattle. Again, I took it to the dealer and they applied teflon tape, spit, grease, did some vodoo but it would always rattle.

I finally got fed and I purchased a brand new console and armrest and replaced it all just to stop the damn rattles. It worked for 3 years and now the rattle is back. I can clearly see it is the armrest again. So I did some internet research and found that the armrest was a premium option and some european versions did not have an armrest. I found that you just needed a new cover and a corresponding bracket to this mod.

I went ahead and order a new armrest and the new cover and bracket. I will keep the armrest in a box in case I ever change my mind or sell the car and the new owner wants it.

But I decided to go for the armrestectomy. The armrest is actually heavier than I expected and as many know, I have the no nav stripper version. I was curious and weighed it on a bath scale and comes in at 4.5 lbs but felt like more.

There is already a DIY on doing this but I did notice one thing that was not mentioned and is key. After you take off the armrest, you have to put the new bracket and it partially goes in inside the console. It has some hooks that you have to slide in from the inside out and push the bracket up. I took enough bolts out that I was able to simply lift the console and spread it slightly to put the bracket in place. Then just put the fasteners back on and put the rear cover.

I took it for a test drive and it was so nice not having the rattles. It did feel a little naked at first but after a minute, I forgot it's not there. I never really used it anyway. I was always leery of making it rattle more so I wouldn't put my arm on on it.

Here are some pictures. So my stripper is even lighter now!!
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