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Mildly comical. Doesn't matter the market consists of much more than just "you". You do know that right? You are a small minority. A small minority of people ordered no-Nav cars and a small minority still want them.

The collector car market has spanned decades and your shallow defense doesn't change those facts about what people want and don't want. The fact is that highly optioned cars are the preference across all marquess and models.

Doesn't matter if you've bought 1 or 14. Perhaps if you had more vision & focus you'd have held onto the first one...
Yeah, I have no idea how nav will or won't affect future 1M values, although driving enthusiast collector cars are occasionally more desirable without some options, like sunroofs and auto transmissions.

Anecdotally, both me (135i) and my friend (1M) didn't want cars with nav, because of the big cave in the dash, and I see a lot of other E82 users say the same thing around here. Granted, the fold-down version of the nav in earlier E82s would have maybe been a bit more tolerable. If I were shopping for a 1M today, no nav would be near the top of my list of (non-)options to look for, maybe even over color.

Since the 1M is such a low volume car, it would probably be interesting to start a poll about the subject in this forum, since it may actually give us a real hint as to the preference of the average 1M owner.
Most owners aren't as uptight or as insecure as NachoB.

I personally don't care. Peeps should get whatever they want...

Love the Nav screen. Settings are sooooo much easier and more aesthetically pleasing rather than the terrible radio method to adjust things. Nav screens have a practical necessity!! Not even about the actual Nav.
don't read this. too late...