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I wouldn't judge the car without going down to the dealership and actually looking at it. Most dealers don't give a rat's ass about a niche car like a 1M, so the car could be much better than it looks in pictures and they might have had some high school kid car washer take the pictures.

I'm not a Nav fan with this car, and I already own one so I'm not exactly looking for another one. But if I was looking and if it wasn't that far away, I'd certainly not be deterred by anything I've read or seen here before I laid my own eyeballs on it.

It's not like these things are growing on trees, if you want one.

Addendum: Most car dealers, especially new car dealers, over-price their used car inventories. This car is probably no exception, and you won't know how much they would actually sell it for until you were to negotiate with them. Many, perhaps most, buyers finance expensive cars and for many of them the important number is the monthly payment, not the total sales price. Of course, the dealers love this because they can both inflate the prices and make even more money on the financing than they do on the cars they sell. It's no wonder why the largest office a car buyer is likely to visit in the dealership, is the office of the F&I guy.
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