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Yeah reading it again you said the trans pan seal failed and what I can gather from that is low fluid level in trans got low and wore out the trans.The garage is liable as labour and parts fitted by them are guaranteed (for a year normally) and the pan has to be removed to change the trans filter.
I agree. They are not telling you the truth, probably to avoid admitting to their error.

I would send a nice email to the general manager. If that doesn't work, I would get less nice.
You read my mind I sent the email this morning. I feel better that others feel the same way. I will be curious to see how they respond. They quoted me 5-6 k for the repair of the transmission. There were a couple of normal maintenance things to do too. I was going to replace the brake pads which they also noted, as I knew they were wearing out. There were a few other things to fix too. Thanks for your help.