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Originally Posted by pavo335
Originally Posted by froop
Thanks guys.

I think I've kind of worked some of it out this afternoon.

I was a bit confused about the different stages and maps and how they work but I just installed the 7-29 autotune maps this afternoon after finally hooking it up to my computer for the first time. Fed a USB cable through the firewall and into the glove box too.

One thing I'm a little confused with still are the aggressive maps. Maybe I'll give them a go a bit later.
Good job on feeding the USB cable through I recall that being a bitch of a job
Haha yeah it wasn't too easy. There were a few DIYs which helped but either weren't complete or required too much work.

I didn't dismantle the whole ECU, I just pulled out the harness holder with everything still attached and was able to feed it through the narrow gap. Still needed to remove the passenger footwell trim and the glovebox lid but got it done eventually.