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BMW of Tulsa not to receive any manual transmission 1-series

I've been playing phone/email tag with my salesperson at BMW of Tulsa. Today I told him I'd like to come testdrive a 1-series when they receive a manual-transmission demo.

I'm pretty particular about my vehicles, and before I dump down 40k on a new car, I want to make sure I like the transmission. I think it's an intregal part to the driving experience, and I won't order another car again without first test driving a model similar to what I am to receive. (We ordered an Altima coupe 3.5 w/ the six speed, and while it isn't horrible, I think in retrospect we would have ordered the CVT.)

THEY AREN'T GOING TO RECEIVE ANY!!!! AUGH!!! :eyebulge::eyebulge: