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I read this thread because I'm originally from Ponca City, and drive through Tulsa to go too and from home...

So far, they have not received any manual 1ers here in Memphis either. I don't understand it. Reminds me of the small-town Honda dealer in Ponca, they would never order si's or manual ex's because "they don't sell." So all of my friends that wanted those cars had to buy them in Tulsa/OKC/Wichita...

I, personally don't have any concerns with the tranny, I'm already driving a 6-speed ZHP, and have driven other 6-speed BMW's. If I were ordering a 135i, I would order it and be done. However, in thinking I might drop down and just buy the 128i, it makes having a 6-speed to test drive more important. It should be similar in performance to my ZHP, but with an auto, I'm sure it will feel slow and not be nearly as lively...

Good luck, check OKC, Wichita and whatever is close to you in AR...

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