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Originally Posted by NinjaDog View Post
Huh, never heard of it. Are you able to review logs with the track mapping?
For example, picking up points where oil is surging etc?
Pretty Cool!
It's not a high end data acquisition tool, but does very basic data points.


It's been a couple months since my last event(s) and this was on purpose. I hit 2018 pretty hard in the very beginning and now slowly coming back to it. With Nationals no longer being the objective, most probably the next thing on my radar would be FL State Championships (depending on where it is).

6/30/18 FAST AutoX Afternoon session:
This was a good event. The first morning session got in dry runs and the later session had rain for the first run group and then it dried out a bit for the second run group. This event I decided to run the Falken 615k again (which have been sitting since last year's event). Placed 6th out of 12th in M2 class. The top 5 were all morning session runs. Nothing else to report other than the car

41.059 fastest counted time (5th run)

40.457 fastest time did not count (6th run)

No Traction Run

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