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Am I missing anything?

After researching this over the past couple weeks I have determined the specific model years of the 135i that I'm targeting. I have narrowed it down to the 2010-2012 year range. 2012's will probably be out of my price range but I include them in my searches regardless.

This purchase would become my DD, I do want to track the car and therefore tune the car. Not so much engine wise initially, maybe the PPK to keep the warranty intact with a little extra power.

My checklist is:
Alpine White
M-Sport package (full, 2011 is possible to have M steering wheel, door sill, shifter without wheels)
Red interior is #1 choice, but would take anything except brown.
Don't want/need NAV, don't need power seats, don't want a sunroof but every single car I've seen comes with it so I can live with it.

I have compiled the list of differences in the 135's (post below)

As far as I can tell the only, and major, difference from 2010 and beyond is the swap from N54 to N55. While this is a significant change in terms of it is a different engine with different characteristics; such as mods are different and more options for the N54. Factory tuned they are essentially the same, correct? I have yet to seen anything confirming otherwise.
Is there any confirmation of any measurable differences (not speculation) of N54 vs n55? Torque range or fuel economy?

My number one question for you guys is do I go for a n54 powered 2010 that is available now, low miles, I could haggle to get it in my price range or do I wait for a N55 powered 2011? The 2010 is not local but I have family where it is located. The only deviation from my wishlist is that it has an all black interior.