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Originally Posted by MLSavage View Post
I would lean towards a PPK and that be the end of it. If I were I would pick something slightly more aggressive than the PPK. I don't see myself going to the extent of some of the guys on here as long as this is my DD. Now if I get a significant income increase and have disposable income for a separate DD, anything is possible. By that time I think the N55 would be more easily tunable (assumption).
That assumption is fairly inaccurate. In stock form, the N54 has significantly more headroom in the motor in stock form than the N55 does for a few reasons, mainly the turbo configuration however. If you were to ever want to go for big power, the N54 will be much easier than the N55. A lot of companies are abandoning aftermarket turbo modifications and upgrades for the N55 because its a huge undertaking based on the twin-scroll design and difficult boost control.

Now, that doesn't mean there wont be aftermarket single-turbo setups, but the work and cost involved in that is much much more than just a relatively simple turbo swap, like the RB turbos are for the N54.