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re: Jack...

My jack does NOT look like the one above. Mine works like a scissor jack. The one above kind of stands on one leg as it lifts the car. Very unstable design. I like the scissor type better.

My jack comes with a ratchet to raise and lower the scissor jack. To lower the jack you just flip over the ratchet. It's written in English and Deutsche.

Some pics of my bmw jack...

This jack part number is: 71 10 6 773 536
cost me 100 euros.

The jack kit is thought out well. It comes with everything you possible need to change a tire. Not just a jack! It comes with wheel chock, work gloves, tire wedge, and a torque wrench.

The thing I meant to say is... this alloy spare tire is really light! When I look at that steel rim and tire... I think someone said it weigh'd in at 20lbs! I have not weigh'd my alloy spare tire... but its light! Dam light! IF it comes in at 7lbs I would be surprised. Thats wheel AND tire. The spare doesn't take up that much room either. I even saw somewhere a German e87 car with the false floor that covers up the spare tire option. I will have to look for that photo again. IF I remember right that new fale floor was buckOs at the Bmw dealer. 140 euros?


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