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In order to compensate for the RFTs, the OEM spring rates are pretty soft. I believe they are 140lb in the front and 300lb in the rear. I would suggest looking into a set of coilovers that utilize Swift springs. With SA coilovers most people run 350f/700r and with DA coilovers you can run upto 400f/800r. I run 350f/700r with DA TC Kline coilovers which has turned out to be a perfect compromise for a DD. The ride is firm, flat but never harsh. I also run Dinan fixed camber plates (cheap and no noise) and M3 front control arms. I'm about 30mm lower than stock and can get -2.3 up front. Again a perfect compromise for a DD. Blutattoo brings up a good point. As long as you don't text on you phone while putting on makeup and drinking coffee, run zero toe or slight toe out. It definitely improves turn-in. You may experience a bit of tram lining but nothing worse than what you experience with the RFTs on the stock settings.

One other to consider is the rear subframe bushings. These are incredibly soft in stock trim and will be the weak link if you tighten up the rest of the suspension. The simple but costly solution is replacing them with M3 bushings. It's costly since you need to lower the rear subframe and rear brake lines. This would be a good time to swap out brake lines and change your fluid to SRF.