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Originally Posted by Zippy69 View Post
I don't run SCCA autocrosses so not sure class there?
I have optimized my car for stock class per the rules in the club that I run with.

Camber is a challenge with any BMW. The camber plates are a big help.
I also like the ability to use 18" rims instead of 19". I believe that you can't do that rim size change in SCCA and still stay stock?

Front swaybar is out of E93 M3 convertible ...I believe is 21mm and I believe stock to be 19mm?

These changes make the car handle awesome.
It is now faster in an autocross than my 2005 STi which is the car I sold to buy this one. I wasn't sure with limited mods on each if the BMW would be faster but judging against the guys I have raced against I can now say the
1M is faster.
Camber plates and the wheels size change put you in at least Street Prepared and maybe SM (not sure of the specific rulesets for SP and SM). You can change one sway bar in Stock. I have that M3 convertible bar in my car, too. A shop that knows how to do alignments can get 1.7 or so in negative camber in the front and about 2 in the rear without plates. The tech just has to loosen everything up push the struts around for max camber and then tighten everything up. Must shops won't or will not do that.
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