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Originally Posted by AlpineM3E92 View Post
Just puttin it out there Raj, this is looking more like a "non 1series" get together. I think BMW owners, in general, don't like dsaturday events.

Happy to be shot down, flamed or whatever, but I was hoping for something like the last gtg in Sydney where we all sat around drank shed loads of coffee and drooled at 1Ms.
Mate, I'm more than happy for anyone who loves to DRIVE to come along. I've kept the cars to a certain type. I mean, I'm not fussed if an old E30 318i comes along or Ferrari 458 Italia. At the end of the day, we all have the same thing in common - driving through some nice roads. Majority of the list are mates of mine who enjoy getting out for a drive.

As much as I'd love to sit around drinking coffee and looking at the same cars all over again, it's been too long since we all got together for a run through the national park

Originally Posted by chrisN View Post
dont want to be a bother, but maybe a new date is in order? a sunday perhaps? would love to see a few 1M's going around.
Chris, this day will still go ahead. I've already had interest from many people (with or without 1ers) so at the end of the day, I just want to get my car out there and take it through the twisties

Originally Posted by Scoobs View Post
A drive day has been on my bucket list for ages. Would love to join ( unless it's a 20 something thang and you don't want any "mature" gents attending )
Not at all. All ages join in here. Only if you dont mind associating with like minded prestige car and exotic car enthusiasts.