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Originally Posted by Experimental View Post
First off, stage 2 does not require an upgraded intake. It's suggested, but not required. It is required when you jump to 2+ though.

Once you go to 2+, you are really pushing more boost, which requires more air through the intake. Now whether or not you really need to upgrade the intake, I don't know. I'm not an engineer. However, Cobb has had a lot more time testing and tuning their AP than myself, so I'm inclined to take their suggestions and recommendations pretty heavily. They've got a great product. Why compromise it?

With all that said, it's your car. If through reading information on the interwebz, you feel comfortable that you will get zero performance gain and run little risk doing damage to your car by not following Cobb's recommendation, then I wish you luck my friend. We would definitely be interested in the outcome.
Ah yes, sorry, my bad. I was going off memory and should've checked before posting, but yeah - I meant 2+.

As some of you have already mentioned, keep the stock box and save some dough... or DCI... The general consensus I'm feeling here is that if you need more volume of air, get the DCI to help with pushing boost. I get that, and that makes sense. But what about the temps of that air that is being sucked in? It's also widely acknowledged that a DCI will suck in warmer air than the stock box. So.... colder air is denser than warmer air - that being said, the increase in volume of warmer air, is countered by the fact that warmer air is less dense.

As Experimental has already mentioned, I'm sure Cobb is up there with the research, and for them to suggest that an upgraded intake is required for stage 2+, I don't doubt them. But with the options we have for today's market, are we only left with Mr5 intake, or the relatively expensive Dinan intake as a true upgraded intake? I say this because little if any performance gains have been shown with other types of intake.