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Posted this message on the 335i N55 board last night:

I installed the AP tonight in my parking garage at work. The install went smooth and as represented. It took about 20 minutes. I put about 15 miles on the car with the agressive map slected, I didnt bother with the sport map.

The tune is very smooth with good top end power - the car pulls hard. The DCT was shifting at about 6500 which seems earlier than it shifted with the PPK. With the PPk I felt that I got better perfomance if I shifted manually earlier than when the DCT shifted in auto. But with the cob it seems like it shifts at the right time and a few hundred RPM earlier than before.

The throttle seems less linear than the PPk - so it makes a seat of the pants review more difficult since an aggressive throttle always seems like its making more power.

Taking that into account the difference in power between the Cobb and the PPK is at least the same or a little greater than the difference between the stock car and the PPK. Said another way, the PPK takes you about half way or a little less to the Cobb tune. It makes the car feel pretty quick, lots of tq., The exhaust is even more aggessive sounding than the PPk with a fair amount of burble and snap, keeping in mind that I have the PE. Sounds really good and aggessive but not over the top to my ears

Overall its a very nice smooth tune - I am very happy I got it. I dont have any experience with the JB or Proceed products so cant comment on any comparison with them. But its a good quality product. Cant wait to drive it some more tomorrow

Drove it again this morning and looged a peak of 17.2 lbs boost on a couple of wide open throttle runs from about 5 mph. Car has some yank now.

I really love this tune. big improvement over the PPK - would be amazing change from stock.