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Originally Posted by Mr.Brown135 View Post
+1 The G's exhaust is very nice, but only people that are behind the car or outside the vehicle get to enjoy it. Even with the windows rolled down, not much I can hear. What I hear more of is the engine and though the VQ37VHR is a wonderful engine, past 5500RPM, its coarse, unrefined, and ignorantly loud (not in a good way). The N54 on the other hand is buttery smooth and I just want to rev it more and more to listen to that beefy twin turbo inline 6. My dad drives a 528 with the N52 and that thing is even smoother than the N54! The power delivery from the N52 is so linear. Nevertheless, engine wise, BMW is still a step ahead of Infiniti. This is coming from a guy who used to love the G37.
Agree all the way. As said, we're on our second G. Above 5000 rpms though it sounds like a bucket of bolts...

My wife drives it mostly and doesn't rev it out, so it's not really an issue.