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Originally Posted by tracer bullet View Post
Short answer - yes.

The law says if your mod didn't cause whatever warranty issue there may be, that you can't be denied warranty for something unrelated. Change wheels and the A/C goes out, obviously there's no connection.

The odds however are that if you alter the headlight in some way, and said headlight doesn't work correctly afterwards, your chances of getting a warranty honored are practically nonexistant.

You could change things back and play dumb, sometimes it works, but you're ultimately upping the price of the cars to everyone else as they chip in to cover it.

IMO mod the headlights because you want to and because you have found a quality product. And if it damages something, man up and take care of it yourself without going in for a warranty claim.

Technically the dealership has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that whatever warranty claim you have was caused by your mod in order to deny the work. This can sometimes work with chips or downpipes etc.

But with headlights.. almost never. If anything on your headlights ever fails, they will argue that when you modded the headlights moisture got in. This moisture has the ability to cause whatever failure you have, and therefore it's your fault.

I had a BMW owned bodyshop re-install my HID kit after I had my headlights replaced. My headlight motor failed months later, after not touching the lights at all. There is NO user-error at play here because BMW installed these lights. I couldn't have possibly let anything in there because I didn't touch them.

Even so, after the motor failed, no dealership will touch the repairs. They all say "we will charge you anyway, unless you get the body shop to fix this. We don't care that BMW installed these, we still blame you." I went back to the body shop and they tried all they could, but there seems to be a manufacturing error with the motor itself. Sucks for me, because the body shop is not authorized to order a new one without charging the user. They say go to the main dealership service dept. Service dept says go to the body shop. I'm in the middle of fighting this right now; all for a headlight motor that failed by itself, which is something that the BMW bodyshop owner says he sees ALL THE TIME and says the 1 series headlight motors have an unusually high failure rate. Nothing was my fault here.

Oh yes. The "moisture" thing is also bullshit. There are small holes (or a semi-permeable membrane, I forget which), that are built into the the headlight units. These allow for an exchange of air and gasses or else the headlights wouldn't do very well with altitude changes if the air inside was completely sealed. Moisture can always get in. Bring this up to the dealership and they generally deny it. Bring up the Magnusson-Moss act and the dealership will say go get a lawyer. Your lawyer fees will probably be more than the repair charge, so most people wouldn't bother.

It's just a risk you have to take.If something goes wrong, prepare for a lot of headaches and a lot of fighting.

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