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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
You understand that I am not against Harold giving his side of the story, don't you? On the contrary, he should tell what he did tell plus your input is useful too. BUT, a few words (the first aggresive sentence to put it very clearly) were too much in Harold's first post after the Advevo's. At least, I felt that way, that it was a too defensive reply with some unnecessary wording and as you put it yourself, that's the beauty of internet and I wanted to say that this bothered me (I have no doubt that it bothered others too). I have full respect to Harold, maybe I posted solely because I was not expecting him to put a reaction like that.

In short, I am not against what Harold said, or what you said, I am pro whatever Advevo or another user needed to say even if it is unfair and against the title product, since he was not rude or nothing! No need to push people out from posting in the Forum just because you feel their ideas are not making sense or simply unfair.

For me that's all cool now, nothing really deserves arguing, at least I am not going to post on this anymore. Back to subject matter and I would like to hear people who actually uses the Motons on a 1M like Dan Parker if I remember correctly.
For me to say anything remotely close that what Advevo said here in a another product info thread my post would have been deleted by the moderator. I just want this thread to stay on topic.

Lots of Moton users aren't forum guys, here is one good 1M example:
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