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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
If so, then the 335is and Z4 35is will be either discontinued, or must switch to the N55. For that matter, the 740i/Li and Z4 35i must also be switching to the N55 (or be discontinued, but there's no chance of that).
Exactly. Think about the broader context for a moment and you start to realize what a ridiculous non-starter the "EPA OUTLAWS N54 FOR 2012!!!" theory behind the 1M is.

If they don't make a 2012 1M, or sell them as 2012's in the US, that won't be the reason why. The actual reason I can't really fathom given that E82 and E92M production is set to continue well into 2012...other than BMW playing marketing games to gin up interest and suspense for the forthcoming M2 (In which case I would simply say, "fail".)

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