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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
When I was shopping equivalently optioned 135s and 128s were only a 2k difference...times change I guess.
Yes times do change man. The difference in base price from an 08 135 to now is almost 6k difference. I'm kinda upset I couldn't afford one when they first came out haha.

To the op: like I tell everyone with this same question do what feels right for you. Do listen to people's opinions of the performance and not the "the 135 is better" comments. After having my 135 almost a month I'm fairly certain I could have been happy with a 128 as far as performance goes with a manual. Not that i have buyers remorse i love my 35s power (and more standard features xenons sport bumpers etc) but barley get a chance to use it fully often. I do more city than highway driving and gas milage is a joke haha. Check out my mpg thread (not that any of us buy these cars to be economical of course lol). Also you sound like you can appreciate the R&D behind a well put together bmw NA engine and true this will be the last for awhile.

Lastly I understand where it's hard to wrap your mind around 50+k for a 1 series. Sometimes you're just like really for a 1er lol. I felt the same way. But truly the prices on all of them are out of the park now. I never would have thought when I was a kid and my dad had his e30 and e36 that I would in my lifetime see a 3 series cost 60k but they can now. The days of the moderately expensive BMW died with the e46.

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