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I think any 1 series is a more enjoyable ride than any 3 series except for the M3. Even the M3 is bigger and feels less lively than my 1 series. But the M3 also has a really nice NA V8. To me smaller and lighter = more fun. So on my scale, I don't buy the conclusion that if you own a 335 you have to go to a 135 or you will be disappointed. I'd rather drive my 128i than a 335i.

The NA engine delivers power different from the turbo. The NA is noticably weaker at low rpm but just keeps picking up steam as it rushes to redline. The turbo motor is much more torquey low but starts to fall off near redline. I like the NA motor power delivery but I can see why others might not.

If you want to be sure you have plenty of power, however, I think that says 135i. Not only does it have more stock, it is much easier to turn up the boost than it is to get equivalent increases in a NA motor.


P. S. for those that are curious, I have driven all three, the 135i, 128i and M3. I haven't driven the 135 and M3 as much but I've driven all 3 on the performance center track. I've only driven 328 and M3 3 series but I think I've had enough exposure to know they are bigger and feel less lively.
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