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Originally Posted by Italteen3 View Post
Will the wheel be offered in anything wider for those of us who want to run a staggered setup?
The staggered fitment above is the only one offered.

Originally Posted by Impulse View Post
whats the weight for 19's ?
Not in production yet.

Originally Posted by spdrcr View Post
Will these be available in 18x8 for those of us that don't want a staggered setup?
Unfortunately, no.

Originally Posted by WAY View Post
Gill, are these wheels strong? I still prefer OZ superleggeras, but seeing OZ doesn't seem to produce a rear wheel that is suitable for 245 tyres, I may just have to go for these. What do you think the chances of OZ producing a 8.5 inch with the right offset?
It's hard to comment on OZ's future intentions. I'm not sure. These wheels will be as strong or stronger than the OE wheel. Every wheel we carry meets that criteria before it's OK'd for a vehicle fitment.

Originally Posted by aus View Post
How are these forged? Billet?, die-cast impression forged vs. non-impression forged?
These are 1 piece low pressure cast.

Originally Posted by BMWeber View Post
Gill I was wondering if you new the offset on these specifically the 18X8.5
That is a 30mm offset
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