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Originally Posted by Pete_vB View Post
Just back from a couple drives. I haven't had time to compete on them yet, so I'll post a follow up next weekend after I do. So far though... wow.

If you'd asked me blind I'd have guessed the car was fitted with different dampers. Around town the ride doesn't seem much different, but at speed it clearly is- the car simply seems much less upset by bumps, and both grip and confidence are way up as a result.

Turn-in isn't terribly impressive, slightly sharper than a PSS but not a good as the stock PS2s. Noise is up slightly from a PSS. Much less tread-block squirm, which makes sense as the blocks are ether huge and shallow or non-existent.

Grip is impressive, and it seems to let go quite progressively. It needs a little more heat than a PSS to get to the same grip level starting cool, but less heat than an RS-3 or Dunlop SMR. Once it does warm even a little... I was able to stick 1st gear in a straight line at 55F outside temp. With a light mist of water on the road, just enough to hit the windshield washers. Impressed.

A slight lack of feedback is my biggest issue so far- they stick so well that I can't yet judge how far from the line I am. We'll see if that's simply a lack of seat-time, however. Otherwise they seem very good so far, certainly the best street tires I've tried in terms of capability, if perhaps not enjoyment.