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Originally Posted by GJA003 View Post
So doing the swap to non Run Flats now. Just researching for what slime kit to get found this thread.

The links just go to the slime website doesn't so which product everyone chose.
Went down to Autobarn and saw these two models.

Option A : Link
Option B: Link
Option C: Link

Price wise Option A was $45 and Option B was $85 at autoabarn.

My questions are what did you guys choose ?
Is option B only all it one can't use the pump on its own ?

Cheers Fellas keen for feedback before ordering one.
I have option B. It comes with slime and compressor, all you need for a simple puncture. No plugs though. Fits snugly into the netted compartment of the boot on the right. I hope I never have to use it though I do feel more comfortable with it cruising around. I just feel like it may not be up to the task? I'm sure you already know, but it only works for certain types of punctures... and within a certain size also. There was a thread somewhere how a guy tried to slime fix his tyre, but because the puncture was a little bit big, the slime leaked out from the tyre all over the road, pictures and all.

I have been looking around for an actual spare tyre - that's like a guarantee! A bit more expensive than slime though... So I punctured my tyre within 3 months of owning the car, but haven't had a puncture since for the last 2 and a half years. Just paranoid after the first event.