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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
They might be the same parts but in the end I'm after the M3 components as I plan to do an M3 conversion. The photos on ECS website show the M logo. I suspect they are not the same if the M logo is missing.

Also the price difference in E9X brakes seems high. I understand if it's $10-$20. But it's nearly half the price for 'OEM'.
i doubt that turner would be in the business of selling 'fake' control arms.

can you post a link to where ECS even sells them? they're not on that page at all


ah it does too, right in the middle

ah so does the turner one, i just noticed

but they both say trw, and have exactly the same part number - i can't even be sure that the OEMbimmerparts one doesn't have ///M stamped on it - it probably does - i zoomed in on the (too small) image, and it looks like there's something similar looking stamped there

will find out when i get them anyway?

even if it doesn't... $150 or something for ///M stamp. and what if it turns out that the OEMbimmerparts one still even has the stamp?

either way, you're paying more for the EXACT same part for no reason.

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